Minggu, 20 September 2015


So, I will introduce my friend. Her name is khairi taufiq. he one of my closest friends in class.
he like to play video game, and cycling. he's very loud . he has a great personality. he has short black hair. 
he was born in bandung, 21 desember 1999.
he's from 2 Junior High school, and he's so smart.
I think that's all I can tell about my friend.

Thank you!

Khairi          : Hi. How are you, Seno?

Seno            : I'm fine, and you?

Khairi          : I'm good today. Anyway after graduation where you will continue your school?

Seno            : I will continue to Police Academy, how about you?

Khairi          : That is wonderful! I will continue to SBMITB or maybe if i had not accept in SBMITB

I choose HI unpad

Seno            : Wow i'm so proud of you Khairi. I wish you receive in SBMITB.

Khairi          : Thank you so much Seno, i wish you to receive in Police Academy!

Seno            : Thank you, by the way i have got to go now. Have a nice day!

Khairi          : You too.