Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

cangkuang tample and dragon village

in the morning, i gathered with my friends and wait for the bus. then we went to candi cankuang. on the way to candi cankuang, we ate our breakfast. all the way, we sang songs. when we arrived, we use a raft and passed a lake to go to candi cangkuang. when we arrived there, we took photos. there are a history of candi and kampung paulo, and also the story of islamic spread by arief muhammad. after that, we went to Kampung Pulo Museum, there are a lot of paintings, prayers, and historical stone, and we was taught to make a traditional paper from the stem of cangkuang tree which could also use as a medicine. after that, we went to kampung naga. on the way, we stopped first to take a rest, pray, and have a lunch in a restaurant near the hot tub in cipanas garut. we continued our 2 hours journey. some of us are sleeping, and some of us are laughing and talking to each other. the way to go to kampung naga is exhausting because we have to travel winding roads. when we arrived, we took photos and we went down on a 436 stairs, we're guided by our tour guide who gave us so many regulation and prohibition as were in Kampung Naga. on the way, we was given an information of kampung naga. when we arrived, we was thought that the old and new kampung naga is very different, the kinship, kampung naga didn't use any electicity because of their tradition. the name of kampung naga is from a village between a cliff and on sundanese the cliff is called nagawit, and its name is so easy to find the location if it was named by kampung naga. there's also a banned and sacred place. the banned place is the forest in the east, it was banned because to protect its preservation. and there's also a sacred forest which have a graveyard of ancestor which cant be visited by the tourist. we were allowed to see bumi ageung which is a place when the residents do such a traditional ceremony. the internal administration is kuncen, lebe, and punduh. and the external administration is RT and RW. after we finished our activity in kampung naga, we went home. were given such as garut's souvenir, and after we shopped near there, we continue our journey. were so exhausted and we fell asleep. we arrived at bandung at 22.00 o'clock