Selasa, 26 April 2016

education for better future

every human needs education everywhere and everytime. without education, humans are nothing. education is one of the most important role to support a stronger and globally competitive Indonesia.
the purpose of education is to intellectualize the life of the nation, and to develop the citizens of indonesia. 

in indonesia, the education applied must comply with the needs of the community or the needs of the area in education. The local content is developed must be in accordance with the needs of the local area.

however, our education still have several problems. our major issues are corruption, integrity, financial and also the facilities the country gave to us. 

the corruption is tearing our country down because all of us need money for the education. especially for those who pay the country tax, and the goverment was corrupting all the money, and make all the money to pay the education of the poor gone. 
this also lead to the financial. there are so many poor people in Indonesia which needs an education either. but sometimes the country cannot handle all by itself. the increasing population growth, also add more difficulties to take care of the education.

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